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Confire Showtime at a glance

With Confire Showtime you can create, manage and publish digital content to public displays. Add your text, photos, graphics, videos, PDFs, HTML as well as weather information, messages and the latest timetable data to a project creatively and then broadcast it to any number of displays.

Easy to install

Confire Showtime comes in two parts: A designer and a player. Install the free designer on any computer you wish to make and publish the designs on and install the player on the public displays which receive and play the content. That's it! You don't require a central server or an internet connection.

Beautiful and flexible layouts

An intuitive designer allows you to place graphical elements on hierarchically arranged layouts quickly and efficiently. Photos, videos and PDFs can be made into sildeshows with just a few mouse clicks. Insert and edit text directly using the integrated Markdown editor and if desired utilize the full power of CSS to fine-tune the smallest of graphical details.

Perfect Integration of Timetables

No matter what timetable software you are using Confire Showtime can integrate your timetable information as imported PDFs or HTML websites. However, the real fun comes when using DaVinci timetable software. Confire Showtime is fully integrated with DaVinci WebBox enabling you to elegantly present timetables, substitution plans and floorplans visually.

News, Weather, ...

The heart of Confire Showtime is apps, HTML5-based elements with complex content. As mentioned already DaVinci integration is an example of that but Confire Showtime also includes some apps such as: a weather app for displaying the latest weather information, a news app for displaying RSS feeds as well as a clock app for displaying the current time (analog or digital). And that's just the beginning. We're already working on new apps everyday.

Create your own apps

Already familiar with HTML, CSS and javascript? Then you can develop your own apps for Confire Showtime. Customize existing applications for Confire Showtime or develop a completely new app. The possibilities are practically endless: Integrate external Javascript libraries, use cloud-based Web services or even the pre-installed local data services of Confire Showtime.

Publish at the touch of a button

Once you have created a new Showtime project or updated an existing one you will want to of course publish it instantly to all your player instances. Nothing could be easier: You can publish projects directly from the designer at the click of a mouse. You have the choice whether you want to publish to your local network, an FTP/WebDAV server or even popular cloud-based services such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

Target groups

  • Schools / High schools / Further education

  • Public administration

  • Museums / Trade shows / Exhibitions

  • Train stations / Airports / Hotels

  • Retail

  • Hospitals / Doctors surgeries

  • Courts / Law firms

  • Companies

Highlights of the new version


Confire Showtime is the successor to our well-established solution CONFIRE BLACKBOARD. Hence the version number 2. Just as in version 1 you arrange your layouts in the Designer via Drag & Drop and publish the results to the Player. Confire Showtime is however a completely new development which consequently further develops and ideas and opens up many new possibilities.

Screenshot: Confire Showtime Designer
Screenshot: DaVicni-App

DaVinci 100% integrated

Confire Showtime and DaVinci are perfect partners. By integrating DaVinci-WebBox you can display the latest timetables, subtitution plans and floorplans directly in Confire Showtime. Within a graphical interface you can configure all aspects of the display. You can of course embed other timetables via HTML or PDF.

HTML5-based Layouts

Confire Showtime's technological foundation of the presentation system is a customized version of the Chromium web browser, an Open Source project of Google. This modern browser technology allows us and yourselves to use the full capabilities of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript regardless of the operating system and installed web browser. If you wish you can modify absolutely any aspect of a graphical element using CSS or Javascript afterwards.

Infographic: HTML5 technologies

Develop your own apps

One of Confire Showtime's strengths is its openness. With apps the functionality of Confire Showtime can be limitlessly extended. Any user is welcome to write apps, not just us! And you don't need to learn a new programming language. Utilize your existing HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge. A simple rule applies: If the application, component, or a library runs in a web browser then it can be integrated in Confire Showtime.

Cloud-based publishing

In addition to all the traditional places to publish your projects such as the local network, FTP or WebDAV server, you can now also use cloud-based services such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. This eliminates the need to provide any complicated network infrustruture. All your computers need is an internet connection.

Infographic: Cloud Storages


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600 €

Permanent license per player

  • 3 years free support
  • 3 years free service updates
  • Possibility of extension
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