DAVINCI Analytics

"In God we trust. All others must bring data." (W. Edwards Deming)

DAVINCI ANALYTICS provides statistics througout the whole school year or a partial period for example the annual statistics. The data can be aggregated from multiple plan files of the school year. The data can be filtered, sorted and exported to Excel or a text files.


The "Changes" view provides you with a statistic of all changes over the school year broken down by the reasons for changes, displayed as either a diagram, list or pivot table.

Working day overview for teachers

This overview results from the timetable including changes to the substitution plan. It shows the absence days according to duration, type of teacher and age category.

Lesson statistics

In the "Lesson statistics" view you can extract the actual and planned lesson hours grouped by teachers or classes. Any changes will be differentiated according to substitutions and cancelled lessons.