DAVINCI Substitution Plan

Every Day is Different

It's the daily task of a substitution planner: To record lost time for classes and rooms as well as colleague absences and to react to it as quickly as possible. DAVINCI provides you with fast dialogs and an automatic mode to support you as efficiently as possible.

Record absences

In the "Absences" view you can record daily absenses or period changes of colleagues, classes, or rooms daily. Due to these absences substitutions are then created, i.e the lesson is assigned to other colleagues, replaced by another alternative lesson or remains unfilled.

Create Substitutions Quickly

In the "Substitutions" view you create substitutions for the affected appointments due to absences i.e. a substitute teacher, an alternative room or you can bring a different lesson forward. The substitution creation is charactarized by very simple wizards and is therefore very compact: Even several weeks of substitutions can be created in a compact, single dialog window. If you wish, you can even create the substitutions using the substitutions automatic mode according to your weighting factors.

Publish changes explicitly

The result of changes from the substitution planner is color-highlighted in the screen plans and is directly visible for other department planners. Should the substitution plan be displayed on E-Boards in your school but a direct publication of changes to everybody not be desired: The substitution planner would like withhold from publishing the substitutions until he has created all of them. Publications can be released in DAVINCI explicitly: Once the substitution planner launches the command "Release changes", then the changes will be visible for everyone on the E-Boards and DAVINCI MOBILE app. The changes can be sent to the colleagues concerned via DAVINCI LIVEMESSAGE along with email or SMS.

Absence and Worktime Statistics

By updating the substituion plan you can not only determine the up-to-the-minute actual work time of teachers and lecturers over the school year and evaluate, you also receive the exact absence statistics grouped by cause. In as much as the data for the official statistics are relevant, they can also be exported out of DAVINCI in an official statistic format. All evaluations can be exported directly to Excel or text file.