The student has the choice

The fact that students in high school can freely choose their courses is great for the student but makes timetable planning extremely complicated. DAVINCI is the irreplaceable tool for the course planner. In addition to the very effective block-course automatic mode the automatic subject choice review will make registering student subject choices significantly easier.

Registering student subject choices

In high school and some secondary schools each student has an optional course choice. DAVINCI COURSEPLAN supports you with registering the subject choices and setting up the courses. As a result you receive individual student plans instead of a class plan. DAVINCI's special feature is that the subject choice input automatically gets reviewed via a country specific script. This is the same script which is also used in MAGELLAN. The subject choices can be input manually very efficiently or passed on by MAGELLAN at the touch of a button.

Subject choice and courses

For each student you can already input the subject choice every half year of the qualification phase of high school. Additionally for the block-course automatic mode you can also change the course choice manually via the click of the mouse. Conflicts are displayed, highlighed in color (red here) and suitable courses (in yellow here). The country specific DAVINCI subject choice review gives you direct advise about any errors in the subject choice.

Create course offer

Due to student subject choices DAVINCI suggests the course offer to be created based on your specifications. If need be you can change the quantity of the courses. In the next step the created course offer is blockt via the automatic mode (courses are combined into simultaneous blocks) and the students are distributed to the specific courses.

Block courses and distribute students

DAVINCI provides you with a powerful course block automatic mode which based on your specifications makes sure that simultaneous planned courses are combined in blocks so that no course overlaps occur for students i.e. a student doesn't receive two courses at the same time. You can of course distribute the courses to different blocks or assign students alternative courses via drag & drop at any time. Conflicts (here in red) and warnings (here in yellow) are always clearly highlighted. If you wish even foundation and advanced courses or courses with varying volumn of hours can be blocked together, thanks to the DAVINCI band model. Even classes or inter-year courses can be displayed.

Student plans

Once the upper school plan has been chronologically completed the student plans are available. Even the student's class-related lessons are displayed if applicable. The students plan is then available to the student even via the DAVINCI MOBILE app.