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Floor Plans

Interactive SVG floor plans for your website

Click on a room on the floor plan above: With vector-based floor plans your building can be spectacularly embedded into your website or existing software solution and customized to fit any dimensions. You can utilize this plan as a basis for your building guide or with the click of a mouse display software-controlled room occupancy, digital door signs or customer specific data in the floor plan.

W3C-compliant SVG

We generate clean SVG code for all popular web browsers. Take a look at the example floor plan at the top of this page!


Make your floor plan interactive for mouse or touch screens via javascript and use it for example as an index page for kiosk systems.

Areas of application

A floor plan doese't just show current and future room allocations, it's also the basis for a guidance system. In an emergency all exit routes can be displayed.

How it works

You send us your floor plan with the floor level layouts and clear naming of rooms in PDF format or already as a SVG file. Based on that we will create an SVG file for each level. The rooms in the SVG file are then assigned an ID which can then be identified by JavaScript and filled with information by an application. We will be happy to help you embed your SVG floor plan into your application.


All prices are in Euros and subject to VAT.

Standard Foor Plan

Price on request

SVG files

  • Max. 1 building
  • Max. 3 floors
  • Straight walls
  • Max. 200 rooms

Advanced floor plan

Price on request

SVG files

  • More than 1 building
  • More than 3 floors
  • Straight and curved walls
  • More than 200 rooms, room groups

Floor plan integration

Price on request


  • Integration of SVG plans into your application