Work collaboratively in a team on the same plan file


As soon as you want to use DAVINCI in a team environment, that's when DAVINCI ENTERPRISE comes in. This module provides you with DAVINCI SERVER - a sophisticated application server, which you can use to centrally manage all your plan files. You and all your colleagues can connect to DAVINCI SERVER and work with several planners on the same plan simultaneously. Any possible conflicts are instantly reported to the planner.

File and user management with DAVINCI EXPLORER

In DAVINCI Explorer you create your colleagues and possible classes and studends as users and assign them rights to plans. Normal colleagues don't have rights to change the plan, this is reserved for the timetable planner. Rights specify what data the users can see in DAVINCI MOBILE. For classes you can decide whether to allow the class plan to be visible to anyone using a class account or just allow individual student plans for each student. For a simple exchange of data with other systems you can import and export the user lists to a text file.

Access control by policy

By utilizing policies you can define exactly what actions from the plan file your users or user groups can execute. Policies in DAVINCI are defined hierarchically i.e. If you for example definte a policy to a folder the policy will be applied to all subfolders and plan files in that folder. You can of course define exceptions at any point which in turn apply hierarchically.

Multi-tenant capable

If you wish you can work with several schools on one server. DAVINCI is multi-tenant capable e.g. plan files can be organized by school (tenant).