Infographic: DAVINCI MOBILE on Tablets and Phones

Going mobile

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DAVINCI MOBILE is a free app for iOS and Android. With DAVINCI MOBILE you can display timetables, the latest substitution plan infos, calendar data as well as floorplans on your smart phone or tablet. DAVINCI MOBILE connects to your DAVINCI INFOSERVER and reguarly downloads the latest data. The user of the app can of course only see what he is allowed to.

Up-to-date & multi-user capable

DAVINCI MOBILE give school management, staff, students, tutors and parents the opportunity to get quickly informed about any plan changes, no matter where they are right now. As a tutor or parent you can seemlessly display multiple students in the DAVINCI App thanks to its multi-user capability. It's especially cool when you integrate the school's building floor plan in order to see who is teaching where.

Online & Offline

What if the internet in the school building drops out? This isn't a problem for DAVINCI MOBILE as the whole timetable continues being available for you even offline. As soon as the internet connection is available again you can update the data.


The same technology used for displaying timetables and substitution plans in DAVINCI MOBILE is also available with DAVINCI WEBBOX. The user sees the exact same information on your website as they do on all mobile devices and E-Boards.

Display timetables

DAVINCI MOBILE shows the latest timetables including substitutions on your smart phone or tablet. By default, the current Week View is displayed. With a single tap you can switch to Day View. Depending on what rights you have you can also open other timetables from teachers, classes and rooms. In addition to individual plans, you can also display several teachers, classes or rooms next to each other in parallel.

Display substitution plans

With DAVINCI MOBILE you can even have the latest substitution plan displayed in the form of a change list. This shows the substitution planner's changed appointments which you can also see in the timetable as an easy-to-read list.